The marvellous mosaics of Miksa Róth around the city

2024. február 03. (11:00)

Join us on an exciting guided walking tour that uncovers the hidden treasures of Miksa Róth's stunning mosaics scattered throughout the vibrant streets of Budapest!

Our journey begins at Fővám Square, where we delve into the heart of the city to explore the captivating mosaic works that even the most discerning eye may not recognize. As we meander along the city's historic paths, we'll unravel the life and legacy of Miksa Róth, gaining insight into both his personal and professional world. Along the way, you'll gain a deep appreciation for the intricate art of mosaic-making, learning about the fascinating process behind these mesmerizing creations.

From Fővám Square to the enchanting Parisi Passage, our tour promises to reveal the artistic brilliance and hidden gems of Miksa Róth's mosaic masterpieces that grace Budapest's streets.


The language of the tour is English.

Meeting point for the tour: 1056 Budapest, Fővám square 4.

Ending point for the tour: 1053 Budapest, Ferenciek square 10.

Tour guide: Mária György



Please pay special attention to the meeting point for the tours, as they typically do not start from the museum!

Ticket price: 3000 HUF
Maximum capacity:
15 people

Ticket information:

  • Tickets for museum city tours can only be purchased in advance, online.
  • Tours will be conducted even in adverse weather conditions. In case of extreme weather, any changes will be communicated on the museum's Facebook page (rothmuzeum).
  • If someone doesn't arrive at the meeting point on time, they should contact the tour guide at the mobile phone number provided in the program before the tour's scheduled start time.
  • By purchasing the walking tour ticket, our visitors accept that the ticket is valid exclusively for the specific tour, and the purchased ticket cannot be redeemed for other programs.
  • During our walks, photos may be taken, capturing attendees of the event. Participants, by taking part, give their consent to the recording of their image, and the photos may be used on the museum's own platforms.


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