Entrance tickets


  • Full price ticket 1000 HUF
  • Student ticket (between 6-26 years of age) 500 HUF
  • Reduced ticket (between 62-70 years of age) 500 HUF
  • Guided tour (for groups, in English) 10000 HUF*


English and Hungarian guided tours are available on request.

  • Please register for them at least two weeks before the wished date.
  • English guided tour: 10000 HUF/group* 
  • For guided tours please contact: rothmuzeum@eromuvhaz.hu

*For groups between 1-20 person. Entrance ticket is needed by each participant. The fee for over 20 people is 500 HUF per person.


To all exhibitions only for citizens of the European Economic Area:

  • children under the age of 6
  • holders of ICOM and ICOMOS Card
  • disabled visitors one attendant
  • holders of EMMI tickets
  • members of national civil organisations which are connected to museums and other public collections and which have at least 400 members
  • teachers employes in elementary or secondary education holding international pedagogue ID
  • senior citizens over the age of 70

All visitors on 15 March, 20 August and 23 October, people aged between 18-26 and children under the age of 18 with two close relatives when visiting on the first Sunday of each month (for citizens of Hungary or of another EEA country).